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Information on feather qualities :  

Duck Feather 100%

Duck cushions are soft and supportive allowing the body to nestle into the cushion, they are soft and plump and have that lived in look.

Exellent sofa cushions and competitively priced.

Main Uses - ( All applications )

Daily plumping is required to retain comfort.


Duck feather


Duck Feather 85% and Duck Down 15% Blend

Duck feather and duck down has the lowest content of down clusters in our range of blends.

These cushions start to become more luxurious as down is introduced to the blend. They have a high loft and recovery rate, very soft and sumptuous and well worth the extra cost.

Main Uses - ( Seats, backs, duvets and bed pillows. )

Daily plumping is required to retain comfort.

  Duck Feather Down


Duck Down 51% and Duck Feather 49% Blend

Duck down and duck feather will make a very luxurious mix for sofa seat cushions, its very soft light and makes a very plump and sumptuous cushion

The duck feather in this blend gives the down clusters extra support, thus preventing the cushion from bottoming out. Exellent cushions very expensive but well worth the extra expense.

Main Uses - ( Seats, backs, duvets and pillows. )

Daily plumping is required to retain comfort.

  Down And Feather



Duck Down 95%


Down is the soft, fluffy cluster taken from the undercoating of geese or ducks which are very soft light and have no quill.

Upholstery cushions are very light luxurious and the most expensive. it is best suited for back cushions in upholstery, for seat cushions extra filling has to be added to give the cushion more support to prevent them bottoming out.

Goose or duck down is used mainly in quilts and pillows and will last for many many years.

Main Uses - ( Backs, duvets, and bed pillows, clothing )

Daily plumping is required to retain comfort.

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Down clusters



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