Foam Cushion Care:

Foams will lose some hardness with use, rotate and turn the cushion regularly to even wear. Avoid sitting on the edges of foam cushions as this may cause premature hardness loss.

How to insert your new cushions.

Foam cushions can be difficult to insert.

This is easier with two people, one holding the cover, the other the cushion. Bend the cushion in half (fig 1) push as far up the cover as possible, now let the foam slowly release and start manipulating into all the corners.

When the cushion is looking correct in the cover, its just a case of straightening out and zip up to finish off


If you have a very firm foam to insert in a cover with a small ziped hole.

As a last resort put the foam cushion in a plastic bag (bin linner) then use a hoover to suck all the air out of the bag and the foam.

The foam will reduce in size by up to 2/3rds this will not damage the foam, this can now easily be inserted into the cover.

When the air is released from the bag, the foam will expand. Remove the plastic bag from the foam to achieve a perfect fit.


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Important Note:

Do not let the new cushion stretch the fabric at the ends of the zip runner ( fig 2 ). The sewing to stop the zip running off the slider can easily break and the zip will run off, or even break the zip slider, in most cases they are only plastic.