Frequently asked questions:

  1. Do I have to keep plumping my feather cushions.

    Yes you doo if you want them to look tidy plump and luxurious, otherwise they will look flat saggy and untidy.

  2. My cushions have a new feather fragrance.

    Feather cushions may have an new frangrance when first unpacked, feathers are a natural product which have been commercially washed to high temperatures using detergents in the process. This fragrance is neither harmful or unpleasant and should take only a few days to dissipate.

  3. My cushions have an unpleasant odour.

    If you have washed the cushions or spilt a liquid on them, and they have not been dried properly, they will mold and mildew very quickly and be ruined. Also see care instructions

  4. Is it worth the extra expense to have more down in my cushions.

    This is a personal choice, the higher percentage of down in the blend the cushions will become softer plumper and more luxurious. Plumping is still necessary but not as often or as vigorous.

  5. How long will my cushions last.

    This is down to the manufacturer and what materials have been used, and how they have been constructed. Poor quality cambric will leak feathers very quickly, poor sewing of the cushions will leak feathers too.

    We guarantee all our cushions for 2 years against faulty workmanship, but the cushions should last for many years after.

  6. My cushions are leaking feathers.

    If they are new contact the retailer or manufacturer, if they are ours and outside our guarantee we will still endevour to rectify the problem, usually by simpley re-covering the cushions.

  7. Can I change my feather cushions to foam or hollowfibre.

    Yes you can, see measuring important note, for more information.

If there are any questions you would like answered, that we have not listed, then please contact us.