Frequently asked questions:

  1. Can I change my fibre cushions to foam or feather.

    Yes you can, see measuring important note, for more information.

  2. My fibre seats have gone flat.

    You have to tease the fibre apart see fibre care if they have totally collaped we can refill them for you.

  3. Do I have to plump up my cushions.

    Yes you doo, but you can’t plump them up like a feather cushion, you have to tease the fibre apart. See fibre care.

  4. How long will my fibre cushions last.

    This will differ vastly from manufacturer to manufacturer, it depends on the quality and quantity of fibre used. Poor quality fibre and underfilled will result in a flat cushion very quickly.
    We only purchase quality fibre for all our cushions, and ensure they are properly filled.

If there are any questions you would like answered, that we have not listed, then please contact us.