Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is stockinette.

    This is a thin material that covers the foam, it will reduce friction between the covering fabric and foam. It also enables the foam to be easily inserted into the cover.

  2. What is dacron.

    Dacron is a fibre material which will soften out the sharp edges of the foam and give a more plump appearance.

  3. I am worried about choosing the wrong density of foam.

    We only use a few of the many foams comercially available, which we believe are the best for firm medium and soft cushions. Our ordering system has human intervention, if we believe a wrong decision has been made we will contact you for verification. This system has helped many of our customers.

  4. Can I change my foam cushions to hollowfibre or feather.

    Yes you can, see measuring important note, for more information.

  5. My foam seats have gone flat.

    Foams will lose some hardness with use, rotate and turn the cushion regularly to even wear.

If there are any questions you would like answered, that we have not listed, then please contact us.