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Information on Hollowfibre qualities :

Hollow Fibre

Virgin hollow fibre is a synthetic man made fibre with a mechanical crimp to give excellent loft and resilience. Each strand has a hole down the centre which traps air and warmth and produces loft. When we card the fibres from the mill in our machine it transforms into a soft fluffy material.

Main Uses - ( Seats, Backs, Arms, Pads, Bolsters, Pillows , Duvets )

Occasional plumping-teasing and turning is required to retain comfort.

Ball Fibre
Ball Fibre

Produced from virgin hollow fibre, which in turn passes through a process that opens the fibre before processed into small round shaped balls, this gives it a feather down like handle as an economic alternative to real Feather Down giving superior comfort and touch to the end product.

Main Uses - ( Foam core wraps  )

Occasional plumping-teasing and turning is required to retain comfort.

Foam Core Ball Fibre Wrap
Ball Fibre

These cushions are the best replacement for flat fibre cushions. 

A foam core covered with a duvet cotton case filled with cluster fibres, these cluster fibres are tiny balls of hollowfibre, which prevents the fibres matting together.

These cushions combine the best characteristics of fibre and foam, the softness, support and comfort of hollowfibre combined with the stability and resilience of foam.

Highly Recommended  Main Uses - (Seats, Backs )

Occasional plumping is required to retain comfort, cushion turning also advised.