Foam feather or ball fibre wrap cushions :

Your fibre cushions have gone hard flat and lumpy, fed up plumping your cushions every night :

A filling that is softer than foam but firmer than feather.

Foam feather wrap cushion are right in the middle, they combine the best characteristics of both, the softness support and comfort of feather or fibre combined with the stability and resilience of foam.

This cushion is made up of a medium density foam, wrapped top and bottom by a medium fill duck feather or cluster fibre cushion wrap.

Main Uses : ( Seats Backs ) Highly Recommended.

Occasional plumping is required to retain comfort.

Inside a foam ball fibre wrap

Ball Fibre wrap

Inside a foam feather wrap

Foam Feather Wrap

Ordering or Prices — Foam feather wraps or ball fibre wraps

Foam wraped cushions are well domed, whatever your border-welt size is, the overall cushion height when delivered will be at least double, and will look much bigger than your cover.

Using our unique formula for adding allowances taken from your fabric cover when ordered, the cushion will fit beatifully in to your cover, for a truly great cushion.

If you need a specific height i.e. for a window seat cushion you will need to talk to us.

Foam feather wrap when fitted

foam wrap cushions

Foam ball fibre wrap when fitted

Foam cluster fibre wrap

Ball Wrap

Foam fibre wrap

Ordering or Prices — Foam feather or ball fibre wraps


More information...

We are an interior cushion making company, specializing in the manufacture and conversion of feather fibre and foam interior cushion pads bolsters and pillows made to your specifications, and only using quality materials from recognized suppliers.

All our cushions and pads are well filled to retain comfort, we supply furniture manufacturers, upholsterers, shops and hotels. We only use the finest feathers and cover with feather proof 100% cotton cambric.

All our feathers are sourced from China and are a by-product from the food industry. We do not condone live plucking of down as this is totally inhumane.