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Information on Foam qualities :

Supreme Foam

This superior high density foam, soft to medium hardness, offers instant recovery after use and consistent shape retention over many years. Excellent for armchair cushions and sofa cushions.

Firm Foam
Firm Foam

A high density, quality seating grade foam suitable for many applications. The most popular foam up to 3" (8cm) above 3" (8cm) we recommend medium foam or better.

Medium Foam
Medium Foam

Our most popular foam, used for quality sofa cushions and our popular feather and fibre wraps. Suitable for thicknesses of 4" (10cm) or more.

Soft Foam
Soft Foam

A light density softer foam used for sofa backs, headboards and general use.

Chip Foam 6Lbs
Chip Foam

Reconstituted chip foam an extremely firm foam used in bar stools, church kneelers, padding and packaging.

Dacron & Stockinette
dacron Stockinette

What is Dacron Wrap and Stockinette :

Dacron wrapping:
Is a soft wadding, it is used to soften the sharp edges of the foam and give a more plump appearance, it will also fill out the cushion covers, this comes with stockinette, as standard.

Is a thin material that covers the foam, this reduces friction between the covering fabric and foam. It also enables the foam to be easily inserted into the cover.