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Information on Foam qualities :

Supreme Foam
Supreme foam

This is a high density soft to medium quality foam, with exellent recovery properties that will maintain its original shape and density for many years.

Firm Foam
Blue rx 39

A dense foam used for heavy usage, caravan seats, window seats, dinning chair pads, general usage.

Medium Foam
Lilac rg 30

Our most popular foam for upholstery cushions, used when a medium cushion is required. Makes an exellent cushion 4"+ with a dacron wrap.

Soft Foam
White soft 24

Used when a softer cushion is required, backs headboards.

Chip Foam 6Lbs
Chip foam 6lbs

Very dense and extremely firm foam as used in bar stools, kneelers, padding.

Dacron & Stockinette
Foam Covered Dacron

What is Dacron Wrap and Stockinette :

Dacron wrapping :
Is a soft wadding, it is used to soften the sharp edges of the foam and give a more plump appearance, it will also fill out the cushion covers, this comes with stockinette, as standard.

Stockinette :
Is a thin material that covers the foam, this reduces friction between the covering fabric and foam. It also enables the foam to be easily inserted into the cover.